Hi! We are Katie and Cristin, seasoned photographers based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Together, we have served hundreds of clients and made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, we are here to help you do the same. 

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Audio Courses

We have spent countless hours, and thousands of dollars on education over the years. We know how important it is, but we also know how hard it can be to complete online and video courses. We are an on-the-go industry, constantly in the car on the way to sessions, or editing. Our audio courses are packed full of years of hard-earned knowledge, that you can listen to anywhere! In addition to easy-to-digest, fun-to-listen-to audio, they come with workbooks so you can look back at the main points later. They never expire, so you can listen time and time again for years to come!

How to Run Successful Mini Sessions

Business in a Box | $99

Starting a photography business is hard work. There are so many things to figure out, from how to brand yourself to how to file a business license. It took us months, and in some aspects, years, to figure out how to run successful businesses. We wanted to save you the trouble! In this audio course, we spill all the secrets for how to take your photography passion from idea in your head to a successful business launch.   


B/W Pricing Guide | $15

Learning how to price yourself is one of the hardest parts about running a photography business. There are so many things to consider, but your number one goal should be profitability. In this guide, we give you the tools to find out how to price yourself to live the life you want to life. 

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Services & Pricing

2:1 Mentoring Session | $300

1 hour call where you are free to ask anything and everything! We are open books, secrets don't make friends. 

Portfolio, Website and Social Media Review | $550

This package includes a comprehensive joint review of your website, social media and images. It also includes a video recording of both Katie and Cristin interacting with your website and commentary on the user experience. After we deliver all of that goodness, we will have a one hour Q+A call to discuss questions you have on your feedback or anything else within your business. 

Business Review | $950

Everything but the kitchen sink. This package includes all of the features of the portfolio, website and social media review. In addition, we will look at your systems (CRM etc), goals, marketing, pricing and struggles. Two weeks after your feedback is provided, we will have a one hour Q+A call to discuss any questions. Katie and Cristin are available for unlimited e-mails for two weeks post-call, just in case you forgot to ask something, like where Katie got her awesome tattoos. 

Half Day Mentoring Session | $1,950

This session will make you a freaking business woman, woman! Five hour in-person mentoring session with Cristin and Katie. Included is a full business and portfolio review, as well as a shoot-along session and editing assistance after the shoot. There will be plenty of time for questions during the session. You will have unlimited e-mail access to Katie and Cristin for one month post-mentoring session in to gain more clarity, get even more help, or find out what filter Cristin uses to make her skin look like that on instagram. 

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Going through Business, Woman’s mentoring program has been absolutely priceless and a definite game changer for my business. Their advice, constructive critiques, clear direction and encouragement have quickly brought me to a new level that would have taken me years to attain otherwise.
— Katharin | Business Review
You ladies are amazing. Freakin’ amazing. Your specific and detailed instruction about each image and what worked vs. didn’t work, and even how to change the good ones to make them great was so helpful. The write up is invaluable in the broader picture of thinking about how I want to present my business to the world. I struggle with big picture observations sometimes and not knowing exactly how to change things, so having this dual write up & verbal critique was incredibly helpful. I cannot thank you enough for your help, your words of wisdom and guidance.
— Amanda | Portfolio Review
I realized how the constant in my life has always been perfecting the things that bring me most joy. I knew if I wanted to take my passion and my business to the next level I needed to train with the best, so I booked a half-day mentoring session with Cristin and Katie. I came out of it feeling more confident and energized! They both had different techniques and styles I could learn from and helped me discovery the photographer I want to be!
— Ashley | Half-Day Mentoring Session


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